The Clothes I’m Wearing – Going Shopping

By | August 23, 2015

These are the clothes that I wore yesterday.  A simple shopping trip with the family.  While they went of to look for clothes for themselves, as well as back to school items I went to search out some old vinyl and look for a new novel.  I’ve finished the two I had on holiday.

Uniformes Generale M65 and 1944 LVC 501's

Uniformes Generale M65 and 1944 LVC 501’s

The day was warm with sunshine and a possibility of showers.  I wore a black version of the Uniformes Generale M65 jacket – I have two; together with a pair of 1944 version of 501’s from Levis Vintage Collection, a simple long sleeved white t-shirt from Banana Republic and a pair of black Superga 2750 classic trainers.  The belt is a Georgio Armarni belt that I’ve had for over twenty years – good things do last. The design and style were described by the sales assistant as “fun” when I bought it.  No idea why; that wasn’t a word I was going to use to describe a belt but then I’m clearly not a fashionista.  I bought it anyway – and it certainly is well crafted; looks and feels great.

Levis Vintage Collection 1944 501's

Levis Vintage Collection 1944 501’s

The LVC 1944 version of the 501 has a painted arcuate on the back pockets – not stitched.  Due to the shortages during the second world war Levis used materials they could get hold of.  The pockets were made from old shirt material.  Mine in the picture have green material.  The button fly has plain metal buttons with no logos or markings.  On the 1944 version – for the first time the cinch back was gone as was the crotch rivet!

Black Superga Classic 2750

Black Superga Classic 2750

Superga 2750 – “people’s shoe of Italy” – what’s not to like.

Uniformes Generale M65 Black

Uniformes Generale M65 Black

Yesterday I had a photo of the Uniformes Generale jacket in green.  I liked it so much I bought a second in black.  I find this is generally the case with Uniformes Generale and me.

Banana Republic Long Sleeved T-shirt

Banana Republic Long Sleeved T-shirt

There are more expensive t-shirts around and there are cheaper – but there’s something I like about Banana Republic.

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