Who Taught You How To Shave

By | July 17, 2015

So who did teach you how to shave?

It seems that for most men the answer is “no one”.  Nobody took time out to teach us how to shave.  To discuss the pro’s or cons; the merits of a wet shave versus an electric shave.  I guess we all simply watched our fathers, and they in turn watched theirs – although surely we’d all still be using cut-throat razors if that really were the case.

I have been shaving for some years now. However, in the last few years I have modified my routine. Only slightly but I feel significantly. I started thinking about my shaving routine and to be honest I was thinking the whole thing was becoming an expensive process and that, in the spirit of austerity, I should consider changing it. I had used Clinique products since my early twenties, and while these are all excellent products and I still use some of them; I started to look at what other products were available that would perhaps represent better value for money.

I decided to consult the Gillette website to see what they recommended, after all they’re a global company specialising in saving products they would have ideas about the shaving process and sure enough they did.

The actual video I watched has since been removed. However there’s now a range of video tips on the Gillette site including an updated (younger) version of how to shave and other face shaving tips.  All common sense really; but sometimes only once it’s been pointed out.

What changes did I make? I continue to wash my face with soap, from Clinique, before applying shaving cream – actually I now use Gillette Skin Gel which creates a smooth cream as you rub your hands together before applying to your face.

The more important changes happen after I have used the razor. Now I use cold water to rinse off the soap and then pat my face dry with a towel. Both of which were things I never did before I watched the video. All small changes but very effective and I get a much smoother closer shave. Don’t they say that on the adverts!

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