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By | January 8, 2016

A newsletter from Massimo Dutti this week announced the launch of their “New Edit, Industrial style”.  Massimo Dutti is a good brand that provides quality clothes with a contemporary European style, at a reasonable price.  The “Industrial Style” subject line attracted interest and raised expectations of a modern take on utility clothing which has a strong appeal here.

Clicking from the email and visiting the Massimo Dutti New Edit collection, didn’t reveal the utility look expected – well not quite.  However what it does show is a set of look book images that are modern, clean and ideal for a work or office environment as well out and about in town.

Favourite from these looks:

Massimo Dutti Industrial Edit AW15/16

Black Down Jacket With Navy Herringbone Trousers

It’s good to see the black of the jacket mixing with the navy trousers.  There should be more black with navy!

Massimo Dutti Industrial Edit - Winter Layering - black leather under Navy Hooded Blazer

Winter Layering – Black Leather Under Navy Hooded Blazer

More black and navy.  Layering continues to be the trend.  It makes sense to utilise your clothes in this way, mixing textures and colours; without looking like the Michelin man.  The above image is a black leather jacket underneath a navy blazer.  Yes – a hooded blazer.

Massimo Dutti Navy Hooded Blazer - Industrial Edit AW15/16

Massimo Dutti Navy Hooded Blazer

Field Jacket With Removable Waistcoat, Massimo Dutti Industrial Edit

Field Jacket With Removable Waistcoat

The green field jacket is clearly Massimo Dutti’s take on the classic M65 – what’s not to like.  Also the green with the navy shirt and chino’s is another colour mix that appeals. It’s a colour mix that seems to have been a feature for many brands this winter.


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