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By | July 13, 2015

About the Young Idea – The Jam exhibition, at Somerset House from runs from 26 June until 31st August 2015 and shows memorabilia donated by all three members of the band.

The Jam, About The Young Idea, Somerset House

About The Young Idea

Private View Abo<code></code>ut The Young Idea The Jam

The Jam – Private View Invitation

I was invited to a private viewing the evening before the exhibition officially opened; arriving early at Somerset House, just at the same time as Bruce Foxton, who kindly posed for fans and press photographs.  Apparently Paul Weller came later but unfortunately I’d left by the time he arrived.

Once inside the exhibition and the bar area, it was just like old times; everyone’s looking at everyone else checking out what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it.  Some familiar brands on show; Baracutta, Ben Sherman, Bass Weejuns, Levis, Pretty Green etc. Some people have clearly never moved on whilst others have adapted with age.

The exhibition itself is includes rare and unseen items from the band career.  There’s original hand written lyrics, although copies of lyric seem more common now than they did years ago.

The most fascinating thing for me was to see how Paul Weller had such a clear idea of where he was going and what that would look.  Notes and doodles in exercise books show that he knew exactly what style the band would ultimately have even though early pictures of the band in flares and big ties would perhaps indicate otherwise.

Paul Weller Sketch - Mod on Scooter

Sketch By Paul Weller

The Best Band In The World - The Jam

Quote From John Weller


The Jam Stage Clothes

Bruce_Foxton_Somerset House

Bruce Foxton On Vespa

Scooters Outside Somerset House For The Jam All About The Young Idea

Scooters Outside Somerset House

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